Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Lady Luck

Maya's record for winning tickets through the Hennepin County Libraries is now 3-0. Last year, she won tickets to the State Fair. She also won a free book for a book report that she wrote. This year, she won State Fair tickets once again, followed by a family of four pack of tickets to a Twins game....and, yet another book for a book report she wrote.
On Sunday, we took the train to the Metrodome to see the Twins play the Mariners. Since we hadn't paid for our 4 tickets at $30 each, we didn't feel badly spending money on snacks to keep the kids occupied.
Hotdog - $3.50

Popcorn - $4.00

Lemonade - $4.00

Snow Cone - $4.00 (It's ice, for goodness sakes!)

Having your daughter tell you that she thinks baseball is boring - PRICELESS

Maybe next time, we will bring her a book to read (from the library, of course!)