Thursday, July 3, 2008

"Mommy pway wittle people with Ava....pwease!!!!"

This is a phrase I hear several times daily lately. Ava LOVES playing with Fisher Price Little People. She can entertain herself for hours at a time with these toys. They usually stay in the play area, with the occasional bus ride to Maya's room, but have recently ventured outside to the deck and play structure (my idea....hey, I am determined to enjoy nice weather while we have it here in Minnesota!) Whenever I sit down to "pway wittle people," the scenario "pways" out as follows:

1. Ava puts me in charge of the Mommy and baby inside the house.

2. She gathers the rest of the people and begins having them knock on the door, one by one.

3. My job is to take the Mommy and have her look out the window and say, "Who is it?" to which Ava replies, "It's a monster!"

4. I must have the Mommy scream now, and call the police on the phone.

5. Ava laughs while saying, "Just kidding! It's just me!" Then I am supposed to let her character in the door and offer her a snack and some lemonade from the fridge.

This goes on until all of the characters are sitting around the table in front of the kitchen. Then we disassemble and start over, usually. Or, it might be time for a bus ride or trip to the ferris which point the plot thickens! As there aren't enough seats on the ferris wheel for all of the characters to ride at once, they have to take turns. It can be a long and tedious process before everyone has had a fair ride (pun not intended; even I will admit it is a bad one!) Then, it's everyone back onto the bus for the ride home. And the wheels on the bus go round and round....all through the house!