Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Happy Camper!

The first ten days of summer "vacation" (as a parent, the "vacation" part of "summer vacation" takes on a new meaning!) have been somewhat challenging for us here in the Bellowe household. While we had plenty of activities planned during the week to spare her from sheer boredom, the adjustment to a new routine away from her peers resulted in several meltdowns (hers and mine) over the course of last week. Needless to say, we were both looking forward to her first day of day camp at Camp Teko. She woke up bright and early, raring to go. We got her to the bus stop at 8:45, said our good-byes, and went our separate ways. Fast forward to 3:50 pm....back at the bus stop to pick her up. She was all smiles coming off the bus, chattering about all of the details of her amazing first camp experience. She got to go kayaking, which she described as being "like the bumper boats at the fair." She went on a speed boat with her group, and they even braved the cold waters of Lake Minnetonka to do a water treading test. She made a bracelet and did a leaf project in art. They sang a lot of songs, but she couldn't remember the words yet. She is definitely a happy camper once again....and so am I!